Unicreations is a design studio based in Blijdorp. 

We are architects who make beautiful buildings, spaces

and objects.



Welcome to Unicreations

We are architects who design beautiful buildings, spaces and objects. We work with private clients, businesses and developers. 


We provide high quality design solutions for projects with a wide range of scales and varying demands.

Complex, large scale progressive architecture, poetic landscapes, harmonious interiors and graceful furniture are all within our broad expertise. 


For every project we offer a unique concept. We get inspired by your needs, dreams and existing characteristics of the place. 

The concept guides us through the designing process, as we add more ingredients to make your vision complete. 


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Magda Stanescu is an architect and founder of Unicreations.

Over a decade, she has gained experience in internationally acclaimed architectural offices including Mecanoo Architecten, Powerhouse Company and OMA/Rem Koolhaas.  


She was involved in the design and execution of several prestigious projects such as: Fondazione Prada Museum in Milan, City hall Timmerhuis in Rotterdam, nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel, Fondation Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Axel Springer Campus in Berlin and National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts in Taiwan. 


Unicreations was established with an intention to build on Magda`s unique talent for understanding clients` thoughts and feelings.

Being a good listener helps her translate every client’s unique trait into equally unique design. Her persistence and attention to the detail ensures the highest quality execution of a project.




We design excellent buildings.

Based on your vision, program and context, we create coherent

and feasible architecture. Whether it’s an empty parcel or an existing structure that needs a complete rethinking, we approach it with excitement and curiosity.  

We have extensive experience in working with unusual properties and adapting them to suit the needs of new users. We know how to deal with challenging renovations and historical buildings as well. We like unveiling forgotten layers and giving a new meaning to them. 

Interior design

We create complete spaces from a concept to execution.  


​We first help you define your needs and style. Then, we develop a concept choosing color scheme, finishes and fixtures, adding technical details and documentation. 

Finally, we find a suitable contractor and supervise the on-site building works in order to ensure that the end result will be consistent with your vision.

Furniture design

We design custom furniture to complement unique spaces. 

Our goal is delivering furniture that is highly functional to your needs and beautiful to your taste.


We advise and assist in finding a suitable property.


Approach us before the purchase to be made. 

​We will be able to see the full potentials of the space and show you possible scenarios. 


We are team players and we believe in partnership

in design. We cooperate with experienced technical designers, trusted contractors and craftsmen. 

Drop us a line if you see any possibility for us to contribute to your project. 



Are you dreaming about a project of your house or apartment? 

Tell us more about your ideas. 

Get in touch now for a talk and let’s make something special together!

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