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Enjoy the journey and the final design


My architectural and interior design process follows a path that has been refined over dozens of big and small projects in my 15-year career.


These projects often extend over many weeks and months. The longer time frame means I need to be respectful of existing demands on your energy and finances. Think of me as your creative problem-solver, anticipating challenges, managing the development and construction of your space by taking as much stress away as possible.


I split each phase of the project into four distinct design stages, to make it clear and easy to follow. I know I’ve done my job well when you’ve enjoyed each part, not just the end result.


Every project begins with a discovery phase. It starts with an initial meeting to discuss your needs and desires from your space.


After our initial meeting, I research the needs, purpose, geography and history of your project to bring to light any potential design opportunities or problems.


For architectural projects, we’ll look at the big picture to explore how you will use, interact and inhabit the space. This will allow me to translate these findings into a design concept that transforms and adds meaning to your everyday life.


The costs of your unique project will become clear after I’ve completed my discovery of your needs.

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  • Discovery call/Discovery meeting and analysis of your needs and desires

  • Customising your project plan,

  • Providing a quote for acceptance so we can begin our collaboration

  • Discussing the concept of the interior/building (diagrams, mood boards, sketches, reference images)

  • Understanding the vision and scope of your project and confirming if there are any obstacles or limitations which might hinder the designs

  • Exploring layout options. Presenting potential viable scenarios for you to provide feedback and consider

  • Conducting feasibility studies

  • Checking archival drawings and regulations

  • Taking measurements and checking inventory

What happens in this phase?


With a clear idea of your vision in mind, it’s time to apply this knowledge and insights to shape your vision into clear visual examples for you to approve.


Using 2D plans and collages, we’ll begin shaping the space with custom and free-standing furniture. Then will add additional layers of colours, textures and fixtures to bring your designs to life.


We’ll clarify your project budget, estimated timelines and discuss the next steps, so you feel confident in the process.

  • Developing layouts (2D plans)

  • Discussing materials and colour palettes (images and physical samples)

  • Defining impressions of the interiors (collages with materials)

  • Defining of free-standing furniture and placement (collages)

  • Refining materials, colour pallets and visualisations of the interiors

  • Discussing and selecting lighting fixtures and accessories (collages)

  • Creating a shopping list for free standing furniture and lighting fixtures

  • Crafting preliminary design of custom-made furniture (sketches and simple collages with materials)

What happens in this phase?


With a defined concept, materials, spatial arrangement furniture and fixtures in mind, it’s time to develop these dreams into something more real. This is where my technical expertise, creative problem solving, and project management skills are your biggest asset.


I’ll take care of the production of all the necessary drawings for the construction team and building permits.


If we are making structural changes, I partner with a structural engineer to perform the calculations, and provide advice you need to make the alterations.


During this time, I’m managing the budget, contacting contractors, suppliers, and arranging quotes for the works while you live your life.

  • Drawing set for the contractors, including:

  • Demolition drawings

  • Positions of new walls

  • Material plans (floor and wall finishes)

  • Ceiling plans (materials and lighting)

  • Electrical drawings (sockets, switches)

  • Plumbing drawings

  • Detail plans, including all fixtures to confirm how each element interacts

  • Shop drawings for custom made furniture (kitchen, wardrobe etc)

  • Building permit drawings and structural calculations (if needed)

What happens in this phase?
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Project management
  • Cost overview: keeping your renovation on budget. If you exceed your limits, I’ll look for accessible alternatives of materials and products. I keep all expenses in the one spreadsheet for simplicity.

  • Contacting contractors, carpenters, suppliers, permit authorities etc.

  • Arranging quotes for construction/renovation works

  • Ordering materials and fixtures

  • Ordering free standing furniture

Directing & Supervising

It’s time to bring your dreams to life and there are lots of factors to consider. Do the construction team need a permit for a crane?

What happens if the unexpected happens and the demolition reveals something that wasn’t accounted for?


Experience has taught me that even the simplest of design plans can be derailed by unexpected problems at this final stage of the project.


As your liaison between the tradespeople and you, I can be your single point of contact. Allow me to save you the time and the stress of managing multiple parties during the construction stage.

Supervision is crucial both for interior and architectural projects, and includes:
  • Frequent visits during the works to coordinate and check if everything is going according to plan

  • Help with anticipating and solving any unexpected problems

  • Making corrections to plans and drawings if needed

  • Liaising with multiple contractors and arrange on-site requirements

  • Arranging delivery of materials, fixtures, furniture and accessories when needed

  • Conducting quality checks of work throughout the project


" Magda is a skilled architect, she knows her domain intimately. She is also very pleasant to work with as she listened to our feedback and provided more than enough alternatives to satisfy our wishes. Although this is subjective she also has a sense of style in interior design that we very much enjoy, this is imho very hard to do well."

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It’s important to me, you feel confident in our collaboration through each stage of the interior design and architectural process.

After all, there’s a lot at stake in each project and the outcomes are deeply personal. I support you by:

  • Building a relationship with you, to understand how you’ll inhabit your space

  • Being responsive and open to your feedback. After all, our collaboration goes both ways

  • Translating this into a refined design that integrates with your lifestyle, adding meaning and enriching each day

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