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Celebrate with me!

I’m turning 40 this month.

That's why I reduced the price of a single
design consultation from €140 to 

Only in January 2023 a 90-minute design consultation costs less than a haircut. 

Don’t hesitate and claim your spot today. The amount of consultations at this price is limited.

  • Your space doesn’t reflect your personality and style


  • You’re worried about making costly mistakes


  • You have a very tight timeline for the renovation


  • You’re struggling to find a property that matches your needs

Do those issues sound familiar?

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with all your ideas?


  • Your space lacks functionality 

  • You’re ready to invest in building the perfect space, but don’t know where to start

  • You’re stressed about the renovation process  

For over 15 years, I have been solving various problems of my clients by designing tailored and functional interiors, organising renovation works or advising them on choosing a suitable property.


Design consulting is one of the ways to help you realise a dream of a perfect space.

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Let me solve your biggest interior dilemmas. 

Design consultation is an adaptive process based on your needs. It’s perfect for people who struggle to combine all their creative ideas into a cohesive design, or who want to manage the design themselves, but still want to have an expert on hand if needed.


The consultation is preceded by a Discovery call. During the call, we will discuss your needs, select the most bothering design issue and make an appointment for the consultation.  During the live, on-site consultation we will focus on solving the issue of your choice. 


After the consultation, you will receive a written summary with my recommendations and instructions. You will get clarity and know the next steps to transform your space.

„ I enjoyed working with Magda very much. Particularly the things that stood out to me were the flexibility in ways of working and the experience she has that shines through in her suggestions for design and materials. ”


– Richard, Amsterdam

Results of design consultations

Defining a character of a space that fits your life and complements your personal style

Choosing a consistent material and colour palette 

Improving the functionality of the kitchen 

Explaining the renovation process, timeline and actions

Increasing storage space 

Advising and accompanying while shopping in a furniture or kitchen showroom

Tips on how to improve lighting 

Discussing the renovation budget costs, finding savings and sharing my discounts

"There was no frustration and stress, only discovering new opportunities and bringing our vision to life in a friendly way."

Alice & Niek, Rotterdam

Benefits of design consultations

Like tailor-made clothing, architecture and interior design services should be perfectly fitted to your needs and desires. Discover the benefits of working with an architect - working with a professional designer can save you time, stress and headaches of making costly mistakes.

Save time

follow my streamlined process that takes care of everything in the right sequence, without ordering errors and contractor mishaps

Save costs

get access to better (and often more cost-effective) resources for furniture, materials, fittings and more

Save stress

keep costs under control by allowing a professional to track your budget and plan

There are even more advantages:

  • You will get clarity and know the next steps to start your journey

  • You’ll have confidence that your ideas will be translated into a cohesive and elegant design, with customised elements and beautiful finishes

  • You avoid the overwhelm of juggling timelines, budgets, contractors, design elements, and follow my lead as I guide you through, one step at a time

  • You keep costs under control by allowing a professional to track your budget and plan

  • You get access to my networks of builders, contractors, suppliers

  • You save stress during construction. I supervise contractors, arrange permits, supply delivery, anticipate technical problems and liaise with the team so you have one point of contact throughout

  • You feel safe knowing you have access to all my expertise and industry knowledge throughout the project


Process step-by-step


Discovery call

Leave your contact details using the contact form. I will get in touch to make an appointment for the discovery call.

During the call, we will discuss your needs and select the most bothering issue you would like to solve. We will also pick a date for the consultation.


Purchasing and preparations

Design consultation is a prepaid service. I will send you an invoice and after you make the purchase I will start preparations. I will ask you to send me complementary information about the space (e.g. photos, floor plan, reference photos) to be able to prepare for the meeting even better.


90-minute design consultation

This time is yours. During the 90-minute visit at your home, I will answer all your questions and share my ideas for healing your interior. We will talk, sketch and brainstorm so the final proposal will perfectly meet your needs.


Summary of the consultation

Within 5 working days, you will receive an email with the summary.  Depending on the nature of your dilemma, the summary might include sketches, reference images, links to suppliers or contractors or a checklist of actionable steps to follow. You will get clarity and know the next steps to transform your space.

This consultation is for you if:

  • You struggle to combine all your creative ideas into a cohesive design 

  • You would to have a creative and technical advisor at hand with no strings attached 

  • Your space lacks functionality or you’re lacking the resources to solve spatial issues

  • You’re worried about making costly mistakes during the renovation 

  • You are looking for a unique and thoughtful housewarming gift

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"Magda is very thorough and thoughtful in her work. For the kitchen design she helped us navigate both through the style choices as well as the practical decisions.

Magda has extensive knowledge of building materials and interior finishing as well as practical solutions. She has great attention to detail and quality workmanship. During the design process, she showed us an array of materials and furnishings with various characteristics and price ranges that suited our preferred design. With her help, we were able to make informed choices and understand their impact on the final effect.

Magda has a good listening ear and a calm, pleasant way of being. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as an architect and interior designer."

Kind words

Madeleine & Rudi, Rotterdam

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My promise
to you

Design consultation booked in January can be used anytime before the end of 2023. I keep track and will send you 2 reminders - in June and November, so you don't forget and use the consultations.

Thank you for sending

Book the consultation

Leave your phone number if you want me to call back or email address if you prefere to receive a written message.


I will get in touch the next working day.

You can also drop me a line directly:


See you at the consultation!

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  • How long does the offer last?
    The offer lasts until the end of January 2023. That's when I celebrate my 40th birthday.
  • How long is the consultation valid?
    The consultation expires by the end of 2023. If you don't use the consultation immediately, I will send you 2 reminders - in June and November, so you don't forget.
  • Can we arrange a consultation on Saturday or Sunday?
    Consultations take place on working days.
  • Can a consultation take place online?
    Yes, online consultation is possible by prior arrangement during the Discovery Call. Keep in mind that on-site consultation brings the best results.
  • I don't live in Rotterdam. Will you visit me at home?
    Yes, I will be happy to come if you cover the travelling costs. We can discuss this during the Discovery Call. Travel cost = train ticket cost.
  • What if 90 minutes is not enough to solve my problem?
    During the Discovery Call, I will have the opportunity to assess your spatial problem. If it is too complex, I will offer you a few ways to approach it. A 90-minute consultation is a perfect project kick-off. It also could be the first out of the more extensive consultation package.
  • My space has many issues and I don't know which to choose for a consultation.
    I will help you choose the right one during the Discovery Call.
  • Can I buy a consultation for someone as a gift?
    Of course! I will prepare a personalized gift card. It's a perfect housewarming gift!
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